Monday, May 5, 2014


Breaking news! I entered the 21st century this weekend when I bought an iPhone. For years, rather smugly, I had the cheapest phone possible. But then last week, I tried to clean my ancient phone with with water, and then it wouldn't turn on. So, I guess it was time. Here's me with my old phone:

I'm not even sure why I've been so resistant of smart phones. I guess I get annoyed when my students or other people can't hold a conversation because of their addiction, or need constant reassurance from their phones, instead of trying to have real human connections. (I told you I was smug.) But, I must admit, Flavio and I FaceTimed yesterday and it was thrilling! And there are lots of fun apps, and I ordered this pretty case, and I've already taken tons of photos of Guiri with it, so I'm okay with moving to the dark side. Just don't let me turn into this guy...

{New Yorker cartoon}

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