Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Your Birth Order Personality

{the younger set of kids}

My eldest sister Barbie and I are conspiring to do something for our parents' 50th Anniversary this summer and after hearing from her this week, I got to thinking about birth order and personalities. I am one of seven children, but there is a ten year gap between the four older kids and me and my younger twin brothers. So, it's almost like we are two different families, or sets, with the same parents. As the youngest girl, but the oldest of the younger set, I sort of identify as a firstborn personality. Even though I'm only 13 months older than my brothers, my parents always put me in charge when we were growing up, so I was always the responsible one. Like Barbie (who really is the firstborn), I tend to be the organizer and while she is more the matriarch, I am sort of the secretary. I can see my other siblings' roles, too: we have a rebel, an entertainer, a peace-maker, a giver, and a baby. Family dynamics are so interesting!

For fun, I took this birth order personality quiz and it ranked me as a first born child's personality. I knew it!

Also, I might be the last person in America still watching Parenthood, but it's all about family dynamics, which is why I love it.


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