Monday, March 17, 2014

First Dates & Honeymoon

Happy St. Paddy's! I hope you're wearing green or plaid, or both (!) today. My corned beef and cabbage is bubbling on the stove, smelling like pure heaven, and we'll be feasting, sipping some stout, and watching The Departed as soon as Flav gets home. Slainte!

Today, 52 years ago, my parents went on their first date. They went out for pizza after a school St. Patrick's Day dance, and as the story goes, they sat down to eat and my mom said, "I just love pizza," to which my dad replied, "I just love you." On their first date! Can you believe that? Also, my mom said she wrote conversational topics on her hand, like the weather and favorite music, so that just in case there was an awkward silence, she'd have something to talk about. But the notes on her hand had all rubbed off by the time they got to dinner. Turns out, there were no awkward silences and this summer they've been married 50 years.

This past Saturday, March 15, was the anniversary of our first date. Fourteen years ago, Flavio and I cruised south of the border for drinks and dancing and it was not my finest moment; you can read the whole sleazy story here. So, Saturday, to celebrate our Dativersary, Flavio took me to Turmeric Thai (amazing!) in La Jolla. They let you bring in your own alcohol, so he brought Tiger Beer from Malaysia, and we reminisced about our honeymoon, to Malaysia, and many of the adventures we've had together as a couple. We ate, drank, and laughed. I love that you get to go through life with a partner. Marriage is a beautiful gift.

Some photos from our Malaysiamoon...

{Tiger beer, Indian food, Penang}
{flower carts in Melaka}
{fish pedicure - ticklish}
{so nerdy}

PS: I've been obsessively following the coverage on missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Tragic and eerie. What could have happened? I wonder if we'll ever know.. Sending love and healing energy to all affected.


  1. Nice post. And it's great to see a picture of the fish pedicure! :) :P

  2. The photo of the two of you on the kayak makes me smile! What wonderful memories! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. It was a great trip! :)


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