Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mystery Date

In an effort to be more fun and adventurous (I am reliably predictable and overly comfortable in routines), and to take my mom's marriage advice to go on a weekly date night, we're starting a new thing: Mystery Date. Each week, one of us plans a night out, either to a new restaurant, new place, or new neighborhood, and the other will have no idea where we're going. We figured this would help us see each other more between our busy schedules, and give us an excuse to explore our city. We've been on two mystery dates so far, and here's how they went down...

The first was planned by Flavio, and he took me to Flavors of East Africa. This restaurant was so bad it was hilarious. Our sambusas were frozen, our orders were wrong, they don't serve alcohol, the drinks they did serve tasted like Kool-Aid, and the poor staff was so overwhelmed by customer complaints and general chaos, you couldn't help but smile at them and try to be patient. We enjoyed ourselves despite the bad food and I love that Flavio took me there so we could reminisce over all the fun we had when we were in Kenya in 2007. We ended the evening with a night cap at The Red Fox, and pretended we were Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone, enjoying the piano player and drinks in their retro, red leathered, den-like lounge. Totally delightful.

{drinks at The Red Fox}
I took Flavio to Kous Kous for Moroccan, and the food was excellent. We sat on cozy sofas and enjoyed mint tea, tagines, and a long meal with great conversation. Our waiter was from Marrakesh and we talked to him about our travels there, which was fun. It might just be the friendliest and most delicious restaurant we've been to recently. Highly recommended.

It's Flavio's turn to plan next and I have no idea where he's taking me. Seriously, this thing is so fun. Where are we going?? Who knows! :)


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