Monday, November 18, 2013

A quick note on my birthday...

I always feel so different on my birthday, even though I got up early, taught all day, unjammed a photocopier, and went about my Monday as usual - inside, all day, things felt... special.

I usually spend my birthday making a mental list of all the goals I want to accomplish in the coming year but right now I want to quiet my inner planner and freeze time. The future will unfold itself. I love where we are in our lives; I love our teeny, cozy house where I'm greeted daily with puppy and husband kisses. I like that's it's just the three of us, for now. I feel thankful for health and employment and for all the love I have in my life.

So, with you - dear blog reader - as my witness, I am going to use this birthday to make a formal commitment to try to notice and savor all the little details and the big goodness of every day of this thirty-third year... and to be profoundly grateful that I get more time on this adventure called life.

Right now, we just finished a fantastic dinner by Chef Flavio and we're off to enjoy a walk under this auspicious full moon.

{birthday cake at Island Prime}

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