Monday, November 11, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

I've missed baking. I love the quiet rhythm of my kitchen, enjoying coffee and the morning sun as I get my mise en place together, the quiet whirr as Sunny spins, the ritual of kneading and rolling as Guiri dozes on the floor watching me work. I was fighting a bug this weekend, and slept for most of Saturday and Sunday, but woke up this morning rested, feeling great, and excited to bake these cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze. I first made them last year for Christmas morning and they are irresistible. Warm, gooey, soft, and spiced, these will be our Christmas breakfast tradition again this year and going forward. They are fabulous, but way too indulgent to be made with any kind of regularity, and are best when shared with many friends (makes 18 rolls). I am beyond excited for the holidays - visions of sugar-plums (i.e., Christmas cookies) are already dancing in my head.  More leisurely kitchen time to come. I can't wait.

Some tips for making these: If possible, do most of the prep the day before - it's so nice to wake up, let them do their final rise, and then just pop 'em in the oven (they smell so good when baking!). Just follow all the steps, slicing them and putting them in their baking dishes. Then cover with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge until you're ready for them the next morning. So. much. easier. Also, don't overbake - they need a little less than 20 minutes.  Finally, I like to add a little cardamom and some fresh lemon or orange zest to the cinnamon mix because, why not?  Happy baking!

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