Sunday, November 3, 2013


We've had our share of ups and downs this past week. Down: Flavio was involved in a car accident on Tuesday and his car was pretty smashed up. Up: Everyone is fine, and he gets to drive around in this rental mini, which Guiri and I love. Now I want a Mini! Adorable. 

Down: My mom had unexpected, emergency surgery for a blood clot in her leg on Friday, which sent us all into a panic. Up: She is recovering at home, feeling good, and is enjoying being doted on by my dad. We're all just so thankful the blood clot was found! Major miracle. Down: Flavio and I have been working so much, we've barely seen each other. Up: Time is flying by, we're already into November, and I can feel the end of the semester nearing. Down: We've been over-scheduled, and I've been really anxious about our packed nights and weekends. There's something about this time of year that has me eagerly saying yes to every invitation, when I know I should be finishing work, sleeping more, and generally taking care of myself. Up: November is here, and the holidays are about to hit full swing. My goal is to slow down, take care of myself, and enjoy some quiet time in the next couple weeks. I've been working on clearing my schedule so we're not so overextended.

So, life has been crazy, but we've also had a lot of fun. Here are some of the things we've been up to lately...

Last weekend we went with some friends to Julian for pie, leaf-peeping, and wine tasting. It was a gorgeous fall Saturday, a much-needed change of scenery, and I finally ticked one thing off my fall to-do list.

{gorgeous sunset on the drive home from Julian}

Last Sunday a friend had a birthday paw-ty for her pooch, complete with doggy birthday cake, doggy bags, and pizza and drinks for the humans. Super fun!
{birthday boy}

Halloween night we drank a bottle of wine and passed out tons of candy to the neighborhood kiddos. We decided this will be our annual tradition - drinking and passing out candy. Over the course of the night we dubbed it Hallowine, then Trick-or-Drink, then Trick-or-Liquor. We're not sure what we're calling it yet, but it was fun!

Last night we went to a Halloween party at our gym and enjoyed a night of dancing, way too much drinking, and general ridiculousness. We spent most of today with the kind of hangover that reminds you how old you are, and that shots are not your friend like they were in college. Totally worth it, though. We had a blast.
{Supergirl and Clark Kent}
We sat very still for most of today, watching movies and eating takeout to cure the hangover. Thank god for daylight savings and its glorious extra hour of sleep! Love it. We finally emerged from our lair to go to the dog park this evening and now we're back home, snuggling. Nothing makes me happier than quiet and quality time with these two. Bring on the calm.

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