Sunday, November 24, 2013


Flavio is on vacation and I wish I was, too. He's over there lounging with wine and that air of relaxation and peace that comes with knowing you have time off in front of you. Lucky man. I have more grading to do tonight (gripes), so this will be a quick post. 

We had a fantastic rain and lightening storm on Friday night so we picked up Indian takeout, lit our fireplace and cuddled up to watch This Is 40 (stupidly funny and likable) and finally saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (which I wanted to love but think it was too hyped and I was left somewhat disappointed).

Saturday morning we went for brunch, and then we both worked.
{mimosas and too much food)
Saturday night's Mystery Date took us up to Mira Mesa for fantastic Thai food and then for an evening of cosmic bowling! I haven't been bowling in ages, and we had so much fun drinking cheap beer and watching Flavio get strike after strike (and me finish with gutter ball after gutter ball:).
 {selfie, date night}
Today we slept in, went for coffee and then hit up a bunch of grocery stores, stocking up for Thanksgiving.
{easy like Sunday morning}
{silly latte}
So happy it's a short work week ahead.

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