Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekending, briefly

I'm back to a very busy first week of school, all is going well and I'm feeling some good energy from my classes. Some quick notes on the weekend before I forget (is it already Wednesday?!)...

Friday night our friend treated us to "Ballroom With A Twist" at the Symphony (pays to know people in high places:). Lots of salsa, samba, fun music and a crazy amount of talent. We even got to go to an after party with the stars. Super fun night!

Other weekend highlights included delicious breakfast at Snooze with our friend visiting from out of town, multiple evenings at the dog park - which has sort of become the center of our social world, some cooking and relaxing, and a trip to the movies to see Her. Have you seen it? The story is beautiful and sad and haunting and has the most gorgeous cinematography I think I've ever seen. I was worried it might be too sci-fi for me but I loved it and think this NYTimes review is spot on.

No pics from me, so I'll leave you with the dusty, dreamy beauty of Her.

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