Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Podcast Love

Every so often, I get temporarily obsessed with one thing or another, and then move on. A couple years ago I was really into all-things Paris, decorating our guest room as a Parisian boudoir. Then I was majorly into soccer - not playing, but watching, and specifically Cristiano Ronaldo. For a while, I was totally fixated on Russian matroyshka nesting dolls and accumulated a large collection that included a Bill Clinton (random!).

But over this long break from work I've gotten a new craze: podcasts. How did I not know about podcasts before?! I don't have a smart phone and I guess I figured you needed one to listen to them, but Flavio showed me how to tune in on our TV and a slow burning flame has emerged. Being home for the last month, podcasts have become my companions - since Guiri doesn't talk. They're heartwarming, inspiring, and informative. Yep, obsessed.

My favorite podcasts are This American Life, RadioLab, Fresh Air, and Elevate Your Energy. Obviously, I'm an NPR geek.

Do you have any podcast suggestions? I'd love to hear. :)

PS: Did you know NPR has Valentines? So nerdy. Love.


  1. The iTunes Store has hundreds of thousands of free podcasts. You can browse through them on your Mac and see what you like.


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