Sunday, April 20, 2014

Felices Pascuas!

Happy Easter! We're back from an amazing week in Mexico and I can't wait to share photos soon. In the meantime, we're enjoying cuddles with our favorite Easter bunny (we missed Guiri sooo much!) and chocolate treats paired with a Sunday movie marathon. The end of a trip is always sad - thankfully, these tips are helping - but at the same time, nothing's sweeter than being home.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was little, my parents would set up an egg hunt and my brothers and I would run around the yard searching for well-hidden eggs. Some eggs were filled with candy, while others were filled with cold, hard cash. Over the years, the egg hunts have continued and I am really missing my parents and brothers and our tradition today - hopefully we can all be together next year. These annual egg hunts are one of my fondest memories, and inspire me to make a point of celebrating Easter Sunday with something fun. Some years, Flavio sets up an egg hunt for me :), last year I made carrot cupcakes, and this year I put together simple Easter baskets. They were fun to come home to after a week away.

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