Friday, January 23, 2015

Noted on a Friday

{winter in San Diego}
Somehow, this has been the busiest week and I'm not even working. There was a huge amount of running around, a long visit with an out-of-town friend and her sweet baby yesterday, trips to Ikea, two doctor's appointments.. I thought I'd be bored not working but turns out, I'm loving it so far and the days just fly by. People keep telling me to stay active in these last few weeks of pregnancy and live it up without the responsibility of a baby, so I'm maintaining a concerted effort to make plans with girlfriends, go on dates with Flav (we're off to see American Sniper tonight), take lots of walks, and overall, fight my natural tendency to stay in and nest. Should be a good weekend. Enjoy! xo

{giant owl spotted at the dog park}
{I'm really in to pears right now, and seeing them on my windowsill makes me happy}
{my favorite barista at our neighborhood coffee shop makes me her Preggo Special - extra milky coffee in a teeny shot cup}
{these two are in love and they love watching Friends reruns together}

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