Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bump Update: 22 weeks

While there are the occasional discomforts, I love being pregnant. It's basically a 9-month detox and I feel so healthy and alive. All the pokes and movement make me feel so close to this little person, and I am pretty much obsessed with being near Flavio at all times. The love and happy hormones are flying. It's just a wonderful time.

22 weeks

The baby is the size of:
A papaya

I'm feeling:
Elated. There's something really wonderful about being pregnant during my favorite time of year. It's been great to start nesting and even do a little fall-inspired baking, even though my sweet tooth isn't fully back.

Food love:
I love and eat everything now, but mainly crave spicy, salty, sour foods.

What I miss:
1. Coffee. I gave it up last January and I still crave the taste and smell. Per my midwife, decaf and most teas are also off limits, so I'm suffering. I'm planning to breastfeed, so there is no coffee in my foreseeable future. Sigh.
2. I miss sleeping on my back and stomach.

The best things about this week:
1. No anxiety. I feel so relaxed and optimistic.
2. Full-on kicks and punches, often at the same time. We can even see my stomach move on the outside...big changes are happening!
3. Seeing our little one at the 20-week ultrasound. He/she is measuring more than a week ahead and was happily bouncing, stretching, and hiccuping on screen. So cool.
{definitely my nose}
The worst things about this week:
1. The constant need to pee.
2. Crazy dreams.

Interesting turn of events:
1. When Flav talks to my belly, the baby kicks harder. We think it's his/her way of saying hello. :)
2. Also, people are really nice to pregnant women. Now that I look preggo, strangers ask me questions and let me go ahead in line, hold the door open for me, guess whether it's a boy or a girl, etc. It's fun!

Tops and bottoms that stretch. A mix of maternity and non-maternity.

Really looking forward to:
Settling on names. I think we have our girl name nailed down but boy names are sooo hard. We want something that works in English and Spanish and we are open to suggestions - if you have any. :)

Daydreaming about:
An upcoming prenatal massage, my first! 


  1. Your baby is sooooo adorable already! I'm so happy/excited for you and Flavio and I love these Bumpdates!


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