Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Baby Shower

At first I didn't think we'd have a baby shower and I was okay with that. As our little one is due in February the holidays seemed conflicting, plus I hate the games, have an irrational fear of opening gifts in front of others, and no one had immediately offered, so I figured we'd just skip it. But then, Flavio told me he'd been talking to his mom who said she'd like to host a traditional Mexican shower with any food I wanted (I picked my craving, Chinese), a big cake, and no games. I was still unsure, feeling like a shower seemed a little grabby - especially during the holidays when people are already spending so much money (it's so weird that we ask people to buy us gifts for weddings and babies!) but, Flavio reminded me it's a celebration of the coming baby, and I was in. Turns out, it was the best day.

There were adorable safari-themed decorations all over my mother-in-law's house, piles of Chinese food, and the most amazing tiramisu from Extraordinary Desserts. Mexicans give everyone a broche, a decorative baby-themed pin to wear, and the mother-to-be sits in a decorated chair. Flavio and I are big believers in bedtime stories, so Flavio had the idea that in lieu of cards, guests bring their favorite childhood books with a message written inside, which I loved! We got so many amazing children's books, in English and Spanish, and I'm happy that the books, with their sweet inscribed messages, will be keepsakes for our baby.

While my dad and Flavio were there, the other guests were all women and throughout the afternoon, many of them shared funny parenting stories and gems of motherhood advice. "Coconut oil works wonders for diaper rash" and "Rice cereal at 4 months will help your baby sleep through the night", and "Walk hills and have lots of sex to induce labor" and "Do what feels right to you and your family and ignore everyone else's opinion." We talked about how parenting advice comes and goes (apparently, all doctors used to advise babies sleep on their tummies, and now we're told babies should only sleep on their backs), and one woman shared her natural birth story with me.

Overall, the day was surprisingly empowering. Pregnancy can sometimes feel very personal and individual, but I couldn't believe how excited all these women were to meet our baby and how encouraging and bolstering the whole afternoon was. Suddenly, my pregnancy felt beautifully communal, if that makes sense. The whole thing felt like an important milestone from pregnancy toward motherhood, like I'd suddenly become initiated into this other tribe, and I could feel everyone's maternal strength and positive vibes. It was such a sweet and touching afternoon, one that I'll never forget, and it's now clear to me why showers have become a time-honored tradition around the world. Plus, cake! :)

{stork, gifts} 
{tiramisu and my mother-in-law}
{My mom and Flav} 
{books galore!}
{serving cake}
{happy tears - it was such a great day!}
{part of invitations}


  1. You are a glowing momma-to-be and I'm sorry I missed your shower but treats are in the mail for you and baby and I will see you in Jan. Laura

  2. Lau!! Thank you! And thank you again for your sweet gifts. We can't wait to see you in 2015! xo


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