Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bump update: 17 weeks

So this summer was tough. I felt like I had a 2-month hangover, and while I was just teaching one summer school class, I struggled. On a scale of 1 - Kate Middleton, I'd say my morning sickness was a 7. The blog, and pretty much everything else, fell by the wayside. I was so zoned out, headachy, nauseated, and constantly fatigued. It's true: the first trimester is just as miserable as everyone says it is. But, at about 13 weeks, I started to feel like my old self again, and it's also true: the second trimester is a magical time. I'm feeling better than ever! Because this site is sort of my personal time capsule, I thought it would be fun to keep track of my pregnancy, documenting my shifting feelings and rapidly changing shape here. I'll pop in with bump updates sporadically.
{17 weeks}
17 weeks

The baby is the size of:
An onion

I'm feeling:
Completely energized!  I feel so positive about life and really alive, if that makes sense. I haven't had a bad day in weeks.

Food cravings:
Bread, potatoes, beef, fish, Chinese and Mexican food. All savory. All the time. It's really put a damper on my baking.

Food aversions:
Eggs. Do not put them near me. Weird, because I was such an ovatarian previously.

The best thing about this week:
The baby can now hear, so we've been singing a lot and listening to happy music around our house. Flavio speaks Spanish to my belly at night, quietly whispering sweet nothings to the baby. It's so tender - makes me tear up every time.

The worst thing about this week:
Depending on what I'm wearing, I'm still at that awkward stage where people glance at my belly, and wonder if I've just had a really great summer with a lot of food and beer, or if I'm pregnant. I can't wait to have a full-on bump to stop the questioning stares.

Interesting turn of events:
Guiri seems to sense the pregnancy. She stares at me with her head cocked, looking confused. It's hilarious. Someone told us dogs can smell and hear the changes? She's also overly protective of me at the dog park, chasing off any other dogs that come near. Sweet girl.

Best reaction to our pregnancy:
Besides Flavio, my parents! They were shocked and elated, and shocked! I wish we'd gotten their reaction on film. We gifted them this little clock and they didn't quite know what to make of it at first, but after it set in, there was cheering and hugs and tissue-paper flying, and pure joy. One of my all-time favorite life moments, and so glad we got to tell them at their 50th. 

Currently living in:
Lots of loose dresses and skirts that still fit and my beloved pair of H&M maternity jeans (see photo above) which are the comfiest pants ever

Really looking forward to:
Fall! My favorite.

Daydreaming about:
Whether this is a boy or a girl. We're not going to find out the sex, but I can't help but wonder.. My intuition says boy. We'll see in 5 short months.


  1. I love this! So sweet of Guiri to protect you at the park! I'm looking forward to the next bumpdate!

  2. Bumpdate.. so clever! Can I steal it? :) Thank you, Michael!!


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